100% Clean Energy

Iceland’s temperate climate provides the ideal circumstances for data centers. Its geographic location provides plenty of water and wind.  The former, in its super-heated form, makes geothermal energy. Wind provides a steady supply of natural cooling and helps to keep temperatures down.

Geothermal energy is clean in its production and renewable.  The carbon footprint is absolute zero.  Natural free cooling, amply provided by Kári (an Icelandic nick name for the wind), is used to control temperatures inside the data center, and helps to keep costs down. The average temperature at the data center location is 1.8°C in January and 10°C in July.

Our data center is situated midway between Europe and United States.  Our customers save on energy, improve their carbon footprint, and optimize bandwidth usage and network latency.

Iceland is connected to the world by three sub-sea cables that function together as single system. They are called FarIce (named after the first two islands on that cable, Iceland and Faroe Islands), DanIce (Denmark-Iceland) and Greenland Connect, which connects Iceland, Greenland and Canada. The utilization on these cables is low and the bandwidth is plentiful.