About Us

Olafur K. Olafsson, CEO and Founder

After graduating from the University of Baltimore in 1992, Olafur first started in a computer store in the tech boom of the 1990’s and quickly built up his own IT support companies in 1993.  While working closely with Non Profits and Embassies, Olafur helped these organizations primarily by finding ways to cut costs while maintaining efficiency.

As a Native from Iceland, Olafur understands the importance of his country’s geothermal energy source.  With his technological background, Olafur discovered that Iceland provides the perfect environment for housing data centers. Today, his main goal is to develop a system for other countries to benefit from Iceland’s inexpensive, 100% carbon emission free energy; thus eliminating any carbon footprint.  Since awarded the opportunity of becoming the first US distributer for Iceland’s first data center, Olafur is working on building a second Data Warehouse to service increasing demand for clean energy.